• Create Groops of any size for Document Sharing / Messaging / Scheduling Events
  • Connect to Local Businesses Offering Great Discounts and Coupons
  • Discover Local Events Happening in Your Community

THIS is how Communities Communicate!

Your life isn't about just one Groop. Your life is about ALL the Groops you interact with and how those Groops improve the quality of your life. At GroopZilla our mission is to bring "good" back to our Communities by providing a fun, useful, and free communication tool to help people reconnect with each other, local events, and the local businesses that enable our communities to thrive. Join us for FREE and Start a Groop.

It really is Fun!

Manage Your Groop and Leagues On the Go

Free download: iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • Push Groop Message for Rain Outs or last minute changes
  • Groops can Share Documents, Photos, and Videos
  • Schedule Private Events for just your Groop OR Public events for the Community to see
  • Receive Automated Event Reminder Notifications
  • Message Individual Groop Members or Entire Groop
  • Announce Registration Events to the Entire Community